In the aftermath of 9/11, five heroes — forever changed by what they sacrificed and experienced that day — set out on a path to combat global crime and terror.

Inspired by real heroes and stories, they unite to fight evil around the world and together, are known as...

Unit 5

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Imagine, if you will,

a group of dynamic, yet ordinary, citizens from all walks of life, hailing from each of the Five Boroughs of New York who come together as a group of spec-ops rookies and are molded by
a seasoned Military Veteran into the world’s most elite, tactical, anti-terror unit. They are aided by traditional weaponry, but they have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves. They battle a group of almost super-villains bent on wreaking havoc around the world.

Unit 5

Our Heroes

Clutch | Betty | Theory | Tune | Street | Paddy | Captain Miller

Negative 5

Our Villiains

Max | Sugar | Cosmic | Mikro | Slim | Sketch

Stay tuned for more characters and updates in the near future.

Our Why

Champion Causes that support first responders and what's important to them.

Putting Comic Books Back In The Hands of Kids.

Building Bridges Between First Responders and

the Communities they serve.


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