The Flash 5 Challenge
On September 11, 2001, New York City lost 344 Heroes (firefighters).
Take The Flash 5 Challenge and support the NYC HEROES of 9/11.
STEP 1. Donate to the FDNY Foundation
     We recommend just $5 but any amount works.
STEP 2. Post on the social media of your choice about your FDNY support.
     A video would be great, but any post works! If you post a video, flash the Unit 5 sign like in the photo.
STEP 3. In your post call out 5 of your friends and CHALLENGE THEM to donate the same or more.
     Mention The Flash 5 Challenge and MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE A LINK to so they can accept your challenge.
Click the link below to be taken directly to the FDNY Foundation to donate!
100% of your donation goes DIRECTLY TO THE FDNY FOUNDATION.
Unit 5 does not collect or receive any portion of your generous donation.

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