Unit 5 Staff

Born outside of Philadelphia on October 31, 1970. Skips love for super heroes came from many of his favorite cartoons as a child. He would never miss an episode of “Speed Racer”, “Super Friends” or “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Skip has always felt that a hero is only as good as their rogue’s gallery and has always been attracted to stories with strong villains.

As a teenager Skip grew up a sponsored skateboarder and skated with a crew that called themselves the “X-Men”. Matter of fact, his love for comic book art is what drove him to cut up and paste X-Men and The Hulk covers on the bottom of his skateboards! He now realizes that he probably cut up some classics! His passion for action sports still exists to this day and he stays active as much as possible. You rarely will find Skip sitting around doing nothing. His other interests include: Football, basketball, fitness, surfing, skateboarding and his children.

Early in his career Skip worked in finance. It was this link to the financial world and New York City that originally connected him to 9/11. He vividly remembers what he was doing when the towers fell and 14 years later he’s fueled by his desire to pay homage to the real heroes. He continues to create and write Unit 5 as a tribute to the first responders and all those who sacrificed and lost on that day.

Shortly after the tragedy Skip decided to leave the world of finance and explore different career opportunities. Skip recalls hating wearing a suit to work every day and makes the comparison of a super hero wearing a fake disguise, like what Superman does as Clark Kent. Soon after he shed the suit he became a marketing consultant and a few years later established his own company.

Skip is the founder and President of Link Marketing. Established in 2003, Link has consulted for many reputable Fortune 500 companies. The company’s territory covers half the east coast and continues to grow.

Skip now resides in southern Maine and has three children. He is active in his community , co-founding and coaching a youth football organization called the Seacoast Lobsters. His passion for writing has helped him expand the Unit 5 universe and its characters. After four issues he continues to write Unit 5 and give back to the real heroes of First Responder Organizations whilst he does it. Skip does not plan to stop writing and won’t rest until Unit 5 is on the shelves of every comic book store in the world and becomes a feature film.

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